Visit from the Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey

With nursing staff

With nursing staff

On Friday 27th May, our Hospices had the privilege of a visit from HM Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, Michael More-Molyneux and his wife, Sarah. As the new hospice is being built, the Lord-Lieutenant expressed interest in seeing the existing hospices in Weybridge and Woking, and meeting staff who are currently preparing for the move into the new hospice in 2017. He also requested a tour of new build site in Goldsworth Park, Woking, in order to see how the increasingly complex health needs of a future generation will be met at the state-of-the-art facility.

The guests of honour first paid a visit to Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge, where they met with Chairman of the New Build Appeal, Mr Patrick O’Sullivan; Trustee, Dawn Stickney; Ward Manager, Helen Bryant and Head of Therapies and Day Care,  Becky Lewis, and were given a tour of the building, ending in the day room to look at future plans. They also met Shelagh Musoke and her Community Nursing Team. Mr & Mrs More-Molyneux were introduced to a relative of a patient currently under the care of the Hospice, who explained

“My husband is very unwell and we have come into the hospice previously for respite care and now he is here for his final few days. We could have gone to a number of hospices in our area but we came here and I am so glad we did, the staff are amazing; we couldn’t have managed this without them.”

With Senior staff and Trustees

Next, the party moved on to tour Woking Hospice. Hospice CEO, Nigel Harding; Founder Trustee & Life President, Rhod Lofting; Medical Director, Dr Fiona Bailey and Director of Nursing, Jayne Cooper were on hand to answer questions and conduct the tour. In the garden, in glorious sunshine, The Lord-Lieutenant and his wife engaged with several members of staff and the nursing team to learn more about the Hospice at Home, Spiritual Care and Complementary Therapy Services which the Hospices provide. Whilst on his tour, he met and talked to a lady currently being cared for on the in-patient ward (featured image)

At the building site

The final stop of the tour was the New Build Site where, complete with high vis’ jackets and hard hats, the group were shown around by the Site Manager, with Fundraising Director, Louise Morris explaining how each area would be used.

Speaking about the day, The Lord-Lieutenant said: “There is a really palpable, warm atmosphere in both hospices and the staff are wonderful. It doesn’t matter where you are, if the staff and care is right then this very special atmosphere will continue when the new building opens.”

His wife Sarah added how lovely it was that in both hospices patients pets or ‘fluffy friends’ as they are called by the nurses, are welcome to roam around inside, saying: “They are one of the family and it’s natural and only human to want to see them when you are ill in bed.”

The New Build Appeal continues to raise money for the new hospice in Goldsworth Park, Woking. Visit for more information or to donate.

Photos courtesy of Bob Holmes.