Recruitment drive for volunteers

We are currently looking for volunteers to work in our retail operations department.

With over 17 shops in the local area and a warehouse in Knaphill, supply for volunteers never reaches demand.

We have recently opened new shops and there are less people either able or willing to volunteer because lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last decade. The traditional profile of a typical voluntees is no longer a person 50+ who has been able to retire. More and more people have to continue in paid employment or they are looking after grandchildren.

If you volunteer for our Hospices we are able to offer a number of benefits;

We are holding a volunteer open day at the Sam Beare Walton shop, 1c High Street, on Wednesday 20th June 10am – 4pm. Staff and volunteers will be available to talk about what is involved in retail volunteering. It will be an informal chat, so please come along to find out more.

We welcome applications to volunteer from all individuals aged 16 years and over. Find out more about volunteering here