Positive Patient Survey

Positive Patient Survey

Most people living with a life limiting disease prefer to stay in their own home, and our community palliative care team work to achieve this by forming a vital link between home and the expertise of hospice care. The team recently carried out a survey to see if they can improve their services, and the results clearly highlight the exceptional quality, compassionate and effective care that they deliver throughout the area.

The survey, done anonymously by post, had a 42% return rate. It asked patients and their families to rate all aspects of our community care services, from doctors, nurses and counsellors to our 24/7 advice line, occupational and physiotherapy services.

The feedback was very positive with 100% agreeing that they and their family were treated with respect and dignity at all times. It also revealed that 96% thought their Community Nurse Specialist (CNS) was caring and supportive, as well as responsive to their needs, whilst 89% felt they had been involved in discussions about planning of their care.

Patients were very generous with their praise, and here are some of their comments:

‘I would like to thank the team and especially my Community Nurse Specialist, who goes beyond to help… and listens when I just need to talk, she has spotted medical emergencies and helped my pain. My counsellor is terrific and all this means a better quality of life for myself and my family. Thank you.’

‘During the short time we have had with the Hospice we have found the service to be most sensitive to our needs. We cannot praise the staff enough. They are available as and when required. That includes anyone we have come in contact with’.

‘My Nurse Specialist has been an incredible help in so many aspects connected and unconnected with our problems. When asked to advice she has promptly responded and if it requires further research, always comes back to us as soon as possible. She is a joy to have with us and has given us confidence in what is to come. I also would like to thank the 24/7 service who responded so quickly and gives my wife and I great support should we need it’.

‘Our Community Nurse Specialist… was incredibly supportive prior to admission and during hospice stay, and at the end of life. All staff have been amazing and the care both received for family and patient was second to none. Thank you for making a very difficult time much easier’.

‘Thank you all for your care and kindness to my husband. Knowing there is someone who I can call on for help is great, and the support you give helps me to carry on looking after him. Once again. Thank you’.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to answer the survey, and of course our Community Team for all their hard work. The Survey results will now be reviewed, as our teams aim to continually improve the care and support we provide.

You can read more about our Community Team here.