4th May 2018

Rhod Lofting Surprise 80th Birthday Party

On Thursday 3 May 2018 we held a surprise 80th birthday celebration for our Founder and Life Long President Rhod Lofting, at the Bradbury Wellbeing Centre at Woking Hospice. He was very surprised and humbled by all the people who wanted to honour him on this special day. All staff and volunteers, including some past and present, came along to celebrate this incredible milestone for such an incredible man.

Rhod launched the appeal for Woking Hospice when he became Mayor of Woking in 1990. He raised £1.4million to build and open the original Woking Hospice at Hill View Road in 1996 and to conserve funds also ran the hospice as a volunteer for the first three years. Rhod remained as Board Chairman until 2007, when he stood down to continue as a Trustee.