19th January 2022

Goodie Bags for Charity

In the months running up to Christmas, shop volunteer Lindsay, who supports the team at the East Horsley shop, had the idea to make and sell children’s goodie bags which could be sold at the shop and used as Christmas gifts for children.

Working hard to sew each bag and collect the gift items to be placed inside them with all the proceeds going to the charity. Lindsay shares with us how this brilliant idea came about.

“I enjoy sewing and crafting and wanted to use my skills to make something to sell to raise money for the Hospice. I came up with the idea to make Christmas bags to sell from the shop I volunteer at, another way to give back and one that would also bring a smile to the children receiving their gift bags at Christmas time. 

I made 105 of the fabric bags and raised a total of £656.25, including gift aid.

After speaking with my colleagues who supported this idea I reached out to Wendy, who works at the Warehouse. Wendy looked out for items for me to use and the rest came in from donations to our shop here at East Horsley, each just the right size for their fabric bag. I made cardboard jigsaws too, easy to do from old Christmas cards mounted on cardboard- and free! 

Coloured pens, pencils, crayons and colouring sheets, as well as activities, jokes and novelties, were placed in each one. A local Pizza Express kindly gave me 100 packs of crayons. I also bought a few sweets and lollies to donate myself and in addition, even more toys and sweets were donated by a resident. The fabric and ribbon were also donated, and I found this a great upcycling project to do – with loads of sewing cotton from Wendy.

I have always made these bags for my seven grandchildren [aged 4-9 years old] to keep them happy and occupied at the dinner table. It was a pleasure making these to sell for such a good cause. Next year I plan on making these again and hope to sell even more.” Lindsay, volunteer at the East Horsley Shop. 

There are so many ways in which you, our volunteers and supporters give back to the Hospice. We love how much a small act of kindness [mixed in with a little creativity] can have such a big impact on what you help us achieve. 

We want to say a big thank you to Lindsay and to all those who donated items and bought a Goodie Bag. 

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