Kerry's friend Sally was only 42 when she was diagonsed with breast cancer. She was admitted to Woking Hospice for a two week restpite, but as her health detoriated quickly, it soon became evident that it going to become a more permanent stay.

"Sally's room was always full of laughter and banter with friends dropping in at any time to spend precious time with her. Her father John had also been cared for at Woking Hospice, and I knew from visiting him together with Sally that the hospice is more about life than death.

Sally made it very clear that she wanted all her friends to celebrate her life. Her positive attitude, her inspiration, her caring and her sharing approach, all went to make that request an undeniable and hard to resist invitation for everyone to have a jolly good time.

She used social media to stay in touch with her loved ones and encouraged all her friends to send a cake to the hospice if we couldn’t visit. Never had the hospice had so much cake to serve with their afternoon tea!

The freedom of the hospice allowed Sally to just be her lovely self right until the end, and it also gave her friends and family, the freedom to visit when they wanted and to be themselves and celebrate their time together.

Right up until the end, when Sally had difficulty breathing, she remained calm and this feeling of calmness made everyone feel safe."