The European Oral Care in Cancer Group (EOCC) is a multi-professional group of oral care experts working in cancer settings from across Europe, who have come together with the aim of improving oral care in clinical practice.

Our Dr Barry Quinn is the Chair of this group, all of whom are experts in treating patients with cancer and the need for oral care. These leading professionals have come together to compile guidance on oral care in cancer that is an up-to-date synopsis of knowledge on how to best care for the oral cavity in the context of cancer treatment.

There are different treatments, different risks and always different people having to go through it. This group of health care professionals are passionate about avoiding and alleviating side effects of treatment, and they want to help by making it easy for other professionals to access the knowledge and material needed to do just that.

The guidance has been translated and incorporated by different national systems. By working together this EOCC have adapted the international literature into a compendium that will work.

For more information about their first edition please click here.

The EOCC will shortly be launching their brand new website - watch this space!