Register your own challenge

01 January 2022

Whether you climb a mountain or give up chocolate for a month – a challenge is a personal journey and we are here to support you all the way if you would like to combine your efforts with fundraising for the Hospice.

Simply register your challenge using the green link at the top and bottom of this page and let us know all the details of what you are hoping to achieve, what your personal motivation is and what you fundraising target is and our Events Team will be in touch to help inspire your efforts.

Ideas for challenges

You can take part in a challenge event arrange by someone else and still fundraise for us. But you can also arrange your own event and let us know about it.

Here are a few ideas that may inspire you if you are arranging your own challenge:

Give up something; for example food, alcohol, TV etc. or commit to weight loss and regaining your fitness]

Do something every day; from an hours yoga class to a daily run for a set amount of days.

Gain something new; attend a new class every week or month to learn something new and that pushes you slightly out of the ordinary.


For any further information please contact our Fundraising Team [see details below].

Thank you for supporting the Hospice.