6th October 2017

Martha’s Story

Attending a day care session provides a valuable support framework for patients who are able to live at home, but need additional help. The units offer a weekly visit to a warm, caring environment, and also the opportunity to socialise with people who understand better what they are going through. The Day Care Centres at Woking & Weybridge are eventually to be renamed ‘Wellbeing Centres’ in order to better describe the extent of activities available to patients and the wide range of ages which they appeal to.

Martha is a regular attendee at the Day Care Centre and she talks about her experience there.

“I visit the Day Care weekly and it’s my wellbeing that they are concerned about. I find that they really cater for the whole person and it’s something to look forward to each week; to see friends and realise things aren’t so bad. Whatever is not right for you, they try and put right. They cater for my needs at lunch time by preparing special meals that I need and they monitor my mood and help me to become upbeat about my illness if I am feeling mentally down.

I had to give up driving when I got ill so I donated my car to them and it’s been sold by the hospice for funds. My advice to anyone who doesn’t know about what the Hospices do would be to take the time to find out more about them and consider the fact that you might need them one day. If you are able to support them now I would advise you to do what you can because it is such a lifeline. I’m so lucky; I am not supposed to be here. I am 90 years old and I am in remission but I feel like I can go out dancing tonight. It’s been a great help to be here. I can’t really praise them enough.”

Thanks to Martha for providing her story for us. Featured: Martha (right) and June, Day Care Volunteer