1st October 2018

Jan’s story

Jan experienced our care first hand when her husband Malcolm received care at home and then as an inpatient at the hospice.

During this time I was made to feel that I was not alone and what could have been a very isolating time for us both, as we dealt with Malcolm’s cancer, became bearable with amazing support.

Virginia was our CNS (Community Nurse Specialist) and cared for Malcolm in our home. This contact was important to us in helping formulate a pain relief plan and ultimately getting Malcolm to agree to come to the hospice. At this point Virginia was on the case and a bed was made available the following day.

Malcolm stayed at the hospice as an in-patient for three weeks under the care of the ward hospice staff. We were able to carry out his wish, of spending his final days in a quite unique and very special environment, with those nearest to him able to visit at any time of the day or night.

With constant reassurance, I never once felt alone or in the dark. The exceptional care from the wonderful team who came in every day, checking up on both Malcolm and those visiting him, was so valued. Virginia was the singular unit that brought everything together, making sure our wellbeing and mental health, Malcolm’s pain levels and emotional needs were taken care of.

Everyone, no matter what their role, offered instant support 24-hours a day, giving advice and reassurance every step of our journey, taking away the fear of the unknown. I know even now when I go to the hospice, the welcome is always warm and friendly, with time to talk. It is the all-embracing system that makes the reality of illness and death dignified.

When you lose someone who is your whole life it’s important not to feel alone. The continuing support from a bereavement group and counselling has gone a long way in helping meto live without the love of my life. I owe so much to the hospice. I’m determined to make Malcolm proud as I carry on with piecing my life back together but I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without an amazing group of dedicated people who care so much.