6th October 2017

Jane’s Story

Patients can be referred to Day Care at Woking & Sam Beare Hospices for many different reasons. Jane was invited to use services at Sam Beare Hospices for respite from the symptoms of her Multiple Sclerosis.

Speaking to her on her second visit, she was full of praise for the care she had received so far. She enthused:

“It is lovely in here, it is supportive and everyone is smiling. We are so lucky to have it. You need things to keep you going and a purpose in life and when you come in here you can do just and you are able to be yourself because other people are experiencing similar things to you and can identify with you. People tend to think that the hospice is all about death and I’ve spoken to friends who have never had any contact with a hospice and they don’t understand how much else there is here. All these things I’ve never done in my life like making Easter cards, which in-patients and visitors can take part in; years ago I would have thought that it wasn’t for me but actually it’s a great laugh and you can learn different skills: everything from baking to pain management.

It’s not like a hospital here, it’s so personal. If I had one piece of advice for people who weren’t sure whether to use a hospice or not then I would tell them just to do it; because it isn’t scary, no matter whether they use the hospice as an in-patient or a day patient. I love my hospice because it’s made me smile and feel warm again.”

Many thanks to Jane for her testimonial and photograph.