6th October 2017

Gaynor’s Story

Gaynor has been attending Day Care at Sam Beare for around 18 months and is a member of the Tai chi classes. She talks about how she found out about the Day Care, saying:

“I initially came for reflexology after one of the palliative care nurses who came to visit me at home mentioned that I could benefit from the complementary therapies which took place at the hospice. One day when I was attending for my treatment, the Day Centre Manager caught me and invited me to join the Day Care activities. Another day an old friend spotted me, and was very encouraging, telling me I must come along, so I decided to give it a go. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know anyone but we’ve had some lovely things organised like visits to Denbies and the Garden Centre. We have some very interesting talks about things like animals and photography. I have been doing Tai chi for a while now and I do enjoy it and I feel that it really helps.

I find these sessions very social. I have got to know a lot of people and we don’t talk about what’s wrong with us necessarily unless someone wants to talk about it; so we talk about everything else and I really look forward to coming here. It’s really very enjoyable and all the other nurses and helpers are fantastic; they really put themselves out for us and I would be very glad if it continues as it is now and perhaps gets better with even more therapies”.

Many thanks to Gaynor for her testimonial and image.