Nutrition is everyone's responsibility

Nutrition and Hydration Week is an annual event and this year it will be held from Monday 12 – Sunday 18 March. It aims to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally.

At Woking & Sam Beare Hospices we don't just look after patients' physical symptoms, we also look after their emotional, psychological, spiritual and general wellbeing needs. We therefore take good nutrition very seriously.

Dr Eleni, who is one of the hospice's consultants in palliative medicine, is an expert in nutrition. In recognition of Nutrition and Hydration Week, and to help raise awareness about good nutrition, Dr Eleni and our Wellbeing Centre and Practice Development Teams have got together to host a number of activities during the week.

The expansion boxes below provide more information about the activities the hospice will be running during Nutrition and Hydration Week. We are also delighted to be able to share nutritional recipes with our community. Please click one of the following to download our top delicious and nutritional dishes.

Dr Eleni and the Wellbeing Centre Team will be hosting a demonstration of how to cook a delicious and nutritious soup that is cheap and easy to prepare and cook - the Hippocrates' Healing Soup. This 'Cooking on Prescription' demonstrate's how specially selected ingredient combine to offer therapeutic benefits.

Most of the ingredients in this recipe go back to Antiquity, where Hippocrates would have used whatever meat was available according to season. For unwell people at the peak of their illness the Hippocratic way would be to use just barley in the soup without meat and give it in less dilute form as the person improves.

The session will be held at 11:00 in our Wellbeing Centre for patients, their carers and families on the Monday of Nutrition and Hydration Week. 

For anyone that would like to try their hand at cooking this healing soup, Dr Eleni invites you to download her recipe and have a go. 

Hippocrates’ Healing Soup

Dr Eleni and the Wellbeing Team will be hosting a special wellbeing session for our patients, their carers and families, to cook some biscuits that bring a sense of joy on the Tuesday of Nutrition and Hydration Week.

These special biscuits are made with good, healthy ingredients, such as wholemeal spelt flour, organic butter or coconut oil and brown sugar or jaggery. The three added spices [cinnamon, nutmeg and clove] give a special taste and smell, designed to open up the senses, calm the mind and bring joy to the heart.

We are delighted to be able to share some joy - click to download Dr Eleni's special recipe.

Dr Eleni's Biscuits of Joy 

PLANT stands for Palliative Life-State and Nutrition Tool, designed and developed in the last 2 years with the input of patients, doctors, nurses and dietitians. It has two parts: a patient questionnaire and a clinical assessment. PLANT can be used in different settings to:

  • Identify potentially reversible causes that can influence the patient’s food intake and nutritional status
  • Highlight specific food and nutritional needs that can be translated into care plans
  • Facilitate communication between multidisciplinary team members
  • Assist healthcare professionals in estimating survival of patient

On Thursday 15 March from 09:30 - 12:30 our Practice Development Team, with Dr Eleni Tsiompanou, MSc Nutritional Medicine, will deliver an introductory training session for healthcare professionals.

Click to download more information here: Nutrition and Lifestyle Training

Challenge yourself!

In recognition of Nutrition and Hydration Week, treat your body like a temple and see if you can take the challenge to swap any sugar for a healthier option for the whole day on Friday 16 March.

For example have a banana instead of a chocolate bar or try a bit of honey in your tea instead of adding sugar. 

The Change4Life website has more information - please click here.