7th August 2017

Tommy D: Second last day in Surin

Well it’s hard to believe we are already half way through!

Our Tommy D teenagers are all doing brilliantly and there was a massive groan when I reminded them that this time next week we will be on our way back. I think that means they are having a good time.

Last day in Surin croppedDon’t get me wrong, it has been tough and everyone has had their moments, but we have come through all of that and they are a really strong little group, supportive and caring of each other, and working very hard! Believe me that’s not easy in this heat. Even standing still, results in a puddle of sweat! We have played with the children and each and every one of them has “got stuck in”. Reluctant at first, but not for long. I can’t remember who said it, but I heard a distinct, “oh well here goes!” as he dived under a table playing hide and seek.

They have even been very critical of another group of volunteers, commenting on the fact that, “they didn’t clear away their rubbish”, and “they have no manners” and told them to be quiet when they were talking too loudly whilst the children were having a nap! Who are these amazing conscientious people? I hear you asking!

Building a puppet theatreWe have built a puppet theatre, written a script, made puppets, painted the outside of the school, and helped prepare lunch. One more day here and then it is off to the elephant village. I can’t tell you how excited we all are. We will be staying in a lodge all together, and planting crops, making paper out of elephant poo and walking the elephants. No one is allowed to ride them, except when bathing them in the river, so I think there will be a mad scramble for that. Other people we have met have told us it is very special and are dead jealous when they hear that we are there for 3 days! Most people only visit for a day, but we are fortunate enough to be staying there.

Snack2The hotels have been much better than we expected, and everyone is coping with the food. Some are brave enough to tackle Thai food, which is much spicier than at home, but everyone is managing to find something they like, and we have discovered they sell chocolate milk in the 7/11 store, so I think they will survive.

They all received cards and letters from home last night, it was a bit emotional, but in a good way. We are off to the night market shortly to buy anything we might need for the elephant village such as socks and long sleeved shirts etc, and who knows, one or two are promising to try fried crickets! I promise I will get a picture!