5th January 2018

Role of nursing leadership in providing compassionate care

Director of Nursing at Woking & Sam Beare Hospices, Barry Quinn, recently wrote an article about the role of nursing leadership in providing compassionate care for the Royal College of Nursing.

The article encourages nurses to explore the concept of leadership in the constantly changing field of health and social care. All nurses have an important role in leadership, and they should consider what type of leader they want to be and what leadership skills they might wish to develop. The article examines what leadership might involve, exploring various leadership styles and characteristics and how these could be applied in nurses’ practice. A core component of nursing and nursing leadership is the ability to provide compassionate care. This could correspond with the idea of servant leadership, an approach that moves the leader from a position of power to serving the team and supporting individuals to develop their potential

In this short video Barry Quinn explains more about why it’s so important.

You can access the full article via the Nursing Standard here.