1st August 2017

Tommy D: Exploring Thai Culture

We can’t believe we haven’t even been here 24 hours yet, because we seem to have packed so much in! Our Bangkok team of Ali and Nam, greeted us at the airport and checked us in at the hotel. All very clean and comfortable and there is even a little swimming pool, which the kids all enjoyed cooling off in, as it’s very hot and humid!

We hit the streets straight away, and went for a wander. Found the national museum, so you will be pleased to know that we all had a good dose of ‘culture’. Dinner was arranged for us, and in spite of ordering ‘Mild’ food, the strength of the chillies still nearly blew our heads off! But all are coping well, and getting used to it. After dinner, there was a mixture of shopping and Fred and Harriet opted for a ‘fish pedicure’, with Bethany, who thought the Thai massage that followed looked ‘painful,’ You may well have heard the screams from where you are, and we have some great pictures to prove it! Then it was back to the hotel and they all played cards, well at least they tried, much animated discussion was had around the rules of snap and go fish!

Tomorrow we head to Surin, by coach and not by train as originally planned. Apparently it has been a national holy day, and the trains are full with people returning to the countryside. We would have probably had to stand for 7 hours on a crowded train, so no one is complaining about the change of plan.

A street delicacy here is roasted scorpion on a stick! George is revving up to that one, not sure if anyone else is keen, but at least it’s a change from McDonalds…