12th August 2017

Tommy D: The home journey begins

We are now back in Surin, with a 7 hour journey back to Bangkok ahead of us after an amazing stay with the elephants. I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if you heard the squeals of excitement from where you are. Then we got a bit blasé, well not surprising when you have 3 elephants in the back yard. Mum, dad, and baby, Kuanyan. 7 weeks old. We taught Kuanyan to play footsie! All very well with a 7 week old elephant, but wouldn’t want to try it when he gets bigger.

You would be very proud of the group, they have cut sugar cane, and sweated, planted crops, and sweated, dug the soil, and sweated, bathed elephants in the river, and then sweated, and shopped till they dropped (and sweated)… Wielding machetes they looked like something out of Rambo, and the only injury we sustained, was when Rosie caught her finger in a door! And not ONE of them has moaned about doing the chores!

They will have some great stories to tell when they get home, and I know they are going to miss each other, and I will miss them too, though I won’t miss the noise! Well maybe I will a bit.

We are now all very smelly, so get those washing machines ready! Our flight leaves from Bangkok today so not long now until we’re back on English soil.