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We’re moving to your new hospice…

It’s with great pleasure that we can inform you that your new hospice in Goldsworth Park is now open, and we are admitting new referrals straight to our new state-of-the-art building from Wednesday 24 May.

We have put together a very thorough transition programme to ensure that patients are admitted to the new hospice, or transferred from the original hospice in Hill View Road, safely and with as little disruption as possible. All in-patients effected by this will have received information and guidance.

We will also shortly be opening our new café at the hospice in Goldsworth Park, were you can purchase a selection of coffee and tea, freshly made cakes, sandwiches, salads and many more delicious delights. It is a wonderful space and will open out onto a beautifully landscape garden. We hope that you will enjoy this new facility and please do invite your family and friends along too.

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Your new local hospice still needs your support

Our new state-of-the-art hospice is now almost ready to open its doors. We have only been able to make it this far because of the generosity of local people. You have helped us to create our beautiful new hospice building. You have also enabled us to buy the specialist equipment that will allow our nurses to deliver the best care to everyone who comes through our doors.

If you have already donated to our new build appeal – thank you so much. Your generosity really is appreciated.

We are so close now, but not quite there yet. There are still some items that we need help to buy. You can read more about the key items that our nurses believe will really make a difference to the experience of our patients and their loved ones in our nurses wish list update here.


SC Johnson donate £100,000 to our new hospice

SC Johnson has donated over £100,000 to fund the construction and furnishing of a family ‘pod’ at our new state-of-the-art 20 bedroom hospice.

Named the SC Johnson Family Room, the wood-clad curved structure extends out from the first floor of the hospice, sitting on diagonal steel legs which support and anchor it to the ground. The futuristic design was inspired by Woking author H.G. Wells’ novel War of the Worlds, giving a nod to local history in the design of the building. It will provide a relaxing area for families to use, including a kitchen, comfortable seating area, toy box and television. The pod has one fully glass wall, creating a light and calming atmosphere.

Interim CEO and Director of Nursing Jayne Cooper said: ‘SC Johnson’s incredibly generous support has ensured that our pod is fully furnished and ready to welcome patients’ families. It will be invaluable to have a place where they can go for a change of scene and to be able to make drinks and food. We understand that supporting a loved one at the end of their life can be stressful and tiring and this pod will provide much-needed peace and seclusion. I’d like to say a very heartfelt thank you to SC Johnson for their wonderful donation.’

The SC Johnson pod is one of two family areas in the new hospice, with the other being inside the  main building. They are both on the same level as the patients’ en-suite bedrooms, so that relatives can have a break while also being immediately on hand if they are needed.

Our picture shows (L-R): Woking & Sam Beare Hospices’ Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser Lizzie Loveless; SC Johnson HR Director Faye Gilbert; Woking & Sam Beare Hospices’ Interim CEO and Director of Nursing Jayne Cooper; SC Johnson Senior Associate HR and Community Affairs Noreen Mian Shafi; and SC Johnson Manager Margaret Shukla.

Our Nurses Christmas Wish List

bedroomOur new hospice is almost complete and we now have to think about furnishing our new state-of-the-art bedrooms to make them the very best they can possibly be for our patients and their families.

We have therefore launch our Christmas appeal, where we ask our supporters and local community to help us buy something from our nurses wish list.

We have thought very carefully about every little detail to ensure we can continue to give local people the care, comfort and dignity they need. Will you be able to help buy something from our nurses wish list?

Find out more here. For further information please contact our Fundraising Team on 01483 881752 or send an email.

Philip Hammond visits new hospice

philip-hammond-web-group-shotWoking & Sam Beare Hospices received a distinguished visitor on Friday 14th October, when the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, paid a visit to the new hospice site in Woking.

Member of Parliament for Runnymede and Weybridge, Mr Hammond was invited to view the new hospice; destined to serve his constituency in place of Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge, when the specialist palliative care unit moves out of Weybridge Hospital at the end of the year.

Accompanied by Hospice CEO Nigel Harding, incoming interim CEO Jayne Cooper and Chairman Marc Riggs, Mr Hammond was taken on a tour of the whole site. Commencing in the new café, which will be open to both hospice users and members of the public, the party then moved to the large new Wellbeing Centre; a multi-purpose space to be used by day-care patients of all ages. The Chancellor then viewed the wards: housing 20 bedrooms, situated on the first floor; each room with its own balcony and an ensuite bathroom. The tour ended in the second floor education suite; which will host a wide range of training and educational activities.

Speaking about the tour, Mr Hammond said:

“I am very impressed with the way the original building has been innovatively reworked to save costs and I am pleased to see how the new hospice is taking shape. There is great potential in the improved Wellbeing Centre and education suite and all of the bedrooms are a very generous size. From the new Hospice, the clinical teams will be able to deliver an even better level of specialist end of life care to residents within my constituency for many more generations to come”.

Chairman Marc Riggs also comments: “Our care provision continues to serve the very heart of the Weybridge community, so it was a privilege to receive Mr Hammond on a tour of our new hospice.  We are delighted to have Mr Hammond’s support for this; the biggest project our charity has undertaken since initial construction of both Woking and Sam Beare Hospices”


Changes to Sam Beare Plans

From December 2016 we are to begin the process of moving all in-patient and day care services currently being provided at the Sam Beare Hospice site, situated within Weybridge Hospital, to the new hospice building currently under construction in Woking. Once the transition is complete, the wing of the hospital currently being utilised by Sam Beare to provide its services will no longer be occupied by the charity. The Community Team currently operating from the unit will remain in the area and will conduct business as usual; providing the majority of the charity’s hospice care services to local residents in their own homes.

Previously, plans were laid to redevelop Sam Beare to create a separate Wellbeing Centre. However, as a result of additional and unforeseen financial pressures the Trustees and Executive Staff had to revisit their proposal.  Since 2006 and up to this point in time, the facility at Sam Beare has been provided rent-free to the charity.  NHS Property Services, who have been charged by the NHS with management of the facility, have indicated that from the spring of 2017 there will be a rental and service charge on the property that could be up to £300,000 per annum. This has made plans for developing services within the building no longer financially viable.

The Weybridge-based Community Team will now be relocated to an alternative space from which the Clinical Nurse Specialists, Doctors, Counsellors, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists can operate. This satellite base will enable each specialist currently operating in the Spelthorne, Runnymede and West Elmbridge area to visit more patients in their homes every day than would otherwise be possible if based at the Woking location.

Construction of the new hospice is well underway and on schedule; and in spring 2017 the charity will operate from one central base housing a state-of-the-art 20-bed in-patient unit, an administrative base for the Woking Community Team and a Wellbeing Centre. The Hospice will also house counselling and bereavement services and the award-winning CoSI team which coordinates 24/7 care for people in their homes in the last days of their lives. There will be room and resource enough to accommodate a robust service for future generations of patients who will, as they currently do, travel from across the whole of North West Surrey to benefit from what will be one of the best modern palliative care facilities in the Surrey area.

Chairman Marc Riggs explains: “This is an exciting and challenging time for the Hospices. Although our plans have had to change, we are more committed than ever to extending our specialist palliative and end of life care to as many people as we can across all our communities from our new Hospice and through our growing Community team […]Regarding the Sam Beare site in Weybridge, Trustees of the charity have had to exercise their duty of prudence against a backdrop of reducing annually adjusted core funding from the NHS and against the staggering imposition of over £300,000 of additional costs on our charity by NHS Property Services”.

CEO Nigel Harding speaks about the decision: “The simple truth is the care that we deliver to the most vulnerable members of our community can only be sustained if we operate within our means.  Our services have grown both in quantity and complexity and as a charity we have unanimously agreed that, as the NHS has not increased our core funding since 2008, our financial resources will be far better utilised meeting the needs of our patients than covering the high costs of newly implemented rental and service charges.  Sadly we must now move out of the Sam Beare building but the first rate services we provide to all those in North West Surrey will continue to grow and develop well in to the future. 

Wolfson Foundation donate £62k towards bereavement room

We have recently been been awarded a grant of £62,000 from Wolfson Foundation, to fund the building of the bereavement room in the new hospice in Woking.

The figure donated by Wolfson Foundation will fund the construction and furnishing of a space where relatives can approach the difficult but necessary practical matters which accompany the death of a relative, as well as matters relating to the care and treatment of their loved one. At present, there is no dedicated private space in the hospice for relatives to discuss confidential matters, sensitively, with the clinical and medical teams.

Lizzie Loveless, Trusts & Foundations Manager at the Hospices, explains the importance of the grant:

“Our hospice is devoted to care for the whole family both before and during their bereavement. For this purpose, it is vital that the new hospice has a comfortable, homely room, available at any time of day. This room must be away from the ward to ensure that undue distress isn’t caused by patients overhearing conversations, or relatives returning to a room where a loved one might recently have passed away. We are very grateful to Wolfson Foundation for their grant which will ensure that we can build, decorate and furnish the room in exactly the way we had hoped.”

The Wolfson Foundation is an independent charity that supports excellence in the fields of science, health, education, the arts and humanities. Paul Ramsbottom, the Foundation’s Chief Executive, explains the decision to contribute towards the New Build Appeal by funding the room:

“Improving end of life care is one of the most important challenges facing society, and one to which Woking & Sam Beare Hospices respond with absolute dedication. We were impressed by their vision for the new hospice; their commitment to providing the highest standards of patient care, and their devotion to supporting the whole family during their bereavement. We are delighted to be funding this private, peaceful space, providing a dedicated environment in which for staff to support those who have lost loved ones.

The Wolfson Foundation has funded palliative care since the early days of the modern hospice movement in the 1960s, including the training of palliative care staff and the refurbishment of hospices throughout the UK. In the last 5 years the Foundation has committed more than £5 million to over 70 projects improving end of life care, of which Woking & Sam Beare Hospice is an outstanding example.” 

To find out more about the Wolfson Foundation, visit Woking & Sam Beare Hospices are building a brand new hospice in Woking to ensure a 21st century standard of care for future generations of patients and their families across Surrey. To find out how you can support the New Build Appeal, visit

Visit from the Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey

With nursing staff

On Friday 27th May, our Hospices had the privilege of a visit from HM Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, Michael More-Molyneux and his wife, Sarah. As the new hospice is being built, the Lord-Lieutenant expressed interest in seeing the existing hospices in Weybridge and Woking, and meeting staff who are currently preparing for the move into the new hospice in 2017 as well as taking a tour of New Build site in Goldsworth Park, Woking, in order to see how the increasingly complex health needs of a future generation will be met at the state-of-the-art facility.

The Guests of Honour first paid a visit to Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge, where they met Chairman of the New With nursing staffBuild Appeal, Mr Patrick O’Sullivan; Trustee, Dawn Stickney; Ward Manager, Helen Bryant and Head of Therapies and Day Care,  Becky Lewis, and were given a tour of the building, ending in the day room to look at future plans. They also met Shelagh Musoke and her Community Nursing Team. Mr & Mrs More-Molyneux were introduced to a relative of a patient currently under the care of the Hospice, who explained

“my husband is very unwell and we have come into the hospice previously for respite care and now he is here for his final few days. We could have gone to a number of hospices in our area but we came here and I am so glad we did, the staff are amazing; we couldn’t have managed this without them.”

Next, the party moved on to tour Woking Hospice. Hospice CEO, Nigel Harding; Founder Trustee & Life President, Rhod Lofting; Medical Director, Dr Fiona Bailey and Director of Nursing, Jayne Cooper were on hand to answer questions and conduct the tour. In the garden, in glorious sunshine, The Lord-Lieutenant and his wife engaged with several members of staff and the nursing team to learn more about the Hospice at Home, Spiritual Care and Complementary Therapy Services which the Hospices provide. Whilst on his tour, he met and talked to a lady currently being cared for on the in-patient ward (featured image)

The final stop of the tour was the New Build Site where, complete with high vis’ jackets and hard hats, the group were shown around by the Site Manager, with Fundraising Director, Louise Morris explaining how each area would be used.

Speaking about the day, The Lord-Lieutenant said: “There is a really palpable, warm atmosphere in both hospices and the staff are wonderful. It doesn’t matter where you are, if the staff and care is right then this very special atmosphere will continue when the new building opens.”

His wife Sarah added how lovely it was that in both hospices patients pets or ‘fluffy friends’ as they are called by the nurses, are welcome to roam around inside, saying: “They are one of the family and it’s natural and only human to want to see them when you are ill in bed.”

Isabel Webster Lend her voice to the Appeal

We are proud to announce that Sky News Presenter Isabel Webster is to take the role of New Build Appeal Patron, and will lend her support to the Hospices over the coming months as they build for the future to ensure  21st century care across Surrey for generations to come.

Best known for co-hosting Sunrise on Sky News, alongside Eamonn Holmes, Isabel has a personal connection with Woking Hospice as her mother was the original architect for the current building in Hill View Road, when it opened 20 years ago.

She spent time with patients and staff and then went to the new site to see how the new hospice building was taking shape. Site Manager Robbie, gave a tour of areas currently under construction including the Wellbeing Centre, therapy rooms, reception and cafe. She continues “It’s fantastic to see for myself the progress being made on site – it’s coming along brilliantly and feels like an enormous building. It’s crucial that funds keep coming in to enable the Woking & Sam Beare Hospices to continue their brilliant work.”Isabel recently visited the hospice to announce her official support of the New Build Appeal, and took a walk down memory lane as she visited patients and spoke to staff and volunteers. She explains: “I remember walking around the building with enormous pride as a school girl. Having witnessed its’ creation, I am now thrilled to be looking to the future and lending my voice to the new hospice.”

The New Build Appeal was launched earlier in the year to raise the £3.4m needed to complete the project and fundraising activities continue across the area. For ways to get involved and to donate to the New Build Appeal, please visit

Photos courtesy of the Surrey Advertiser

Bringing Hope to the Hospices

hope and builders

Our New Build Appeal mascot, Hope the Heart, commenced her ‘Love your Hospice Tour’ over Easter by visiting the site of the new hospice in Goldsworth Park, Woking. Over the coming weeks Hope will be appearing in various different locations around Surrey, initially making her presence known at the retail shops, to introduce herself to the volunteers working in the 17 different outlets.

Hope made her debut at the launch of the New Build Appeal in February. She has been working hard ever since to help raise awareness of the campaign to raise the remaining £3.4million needed to complete the new, State-of-the-art 20-bed in patient unit in Woking and the subsequent redevelopment of Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge. The four colourful segments of the heart represent the four areas of care that the Hospice offer: On the Ward, In the Home, Family Support and Wellbeing. All of these areas of care will be improved when the two new hospice sites are opened in 2017.

No matter whether they are based on site and helping patients who come on to the ward, or whether they look after patients in their own homes, hospice staff would not be able to operate anywhere near as effectively as they do without a suitable base. The hospices buildings are therefore considered to be at the heart of all the fantastic work that we do.

The hospices support patients in areas as far as Spelthorne, North Guildford and Sunbury and with her tour of the geographic area, Hope aims to educate members of the public about their local hospice. It is hoped that people who may not otherwise consider donating to the charities will be made aware that the we need their support in order to build a better future, which will allow even more patients across Surrey to access vital services when they need it most.

To see the Facebook album of the Love Your Hospice Tour click here

To find out more about the New Build Appeal, or to make a donation, visit


Michael Aspel supports New Build Appeal

IMG_3194 - CopyAs the Patron and Co President of the New Build Appeal, we are very pleased to have the continued support of Sir Michael Aspel as we call out to our supporters for donations to help raise the £3.4million needed to build our brand new hospice in Goldsworth Park and redevelop Sam Beare Hospice.

As a Weybridge resident, Aspel has been involved with Sam Beare Hospice for many years and strongly supports the hospice movement, explaining that “it sees people through a very difficult time of their lives and provides tremendous sympathetic care for the families. It is only when you have experienced hospice care first-hand that you realise how lucky we are to have such a superlative service available to us, completely free of charge.” The TV favourite exercised his iconic voice last month when he spoke out live on Eagle Radio in support of the New Build Appeal, at the Hospices’ official campaign launch in Woking and Weybridge.

Now, thousands of residents across the area should look out for Michal Aspel’s image appearing on a letter and leaflet that has been sent to them, with a paper heart attached to it. Hospices are places filled with love; from staff, volunteers, patients and families, and the heart represents that love. Supporters both old and new are being encouraged to ‘send their love’ to the hospice, by filling out the heart with a message of support on and posting it back. The collected hearts will then be placed in the new hospices once they are ready to be furnished.

The letter and leaflet are designed to raise awareness in members of the public and inform them about the plans for the future of hospice care in the heart of Surrey. If residents have not received a leaflet through their door then they can pick one up in any of the 17 retail outlets in the area, or they can email to request one.

If you are interested in finding out more about the New Build Project, or who want to make a donation visit the dedicated web page

Campaign Launch a ‘hearty’ success

Michael and the Eagle

On Saturday a grey, wet Town Square in Woking was filled with colour and energy as staff and volunteers from Woking & Sam Beare Hospices took over the area for a day of entertainment and information at the launch of the New Build Appeal – a £3.4million fundraising campaign dedicated to raising money for the new hospice building on Goldsworth Park in Woking and the redevelopment of Sam Beare in Weybridge.

With a loan facility from Woking Borough Council, pledges from Trust and Foundations, businesses and high net worth individuals, the first 60% of the total project costs are now secured. This leaves £3.4million still to find and Hospices launch event was about telling people how they can get involved.

Isabel and hopeThe Eagle Radio opened the show with a live broadcast of Kim Robson’s Showbiz Saturday from 10am – 2pm. At intervals throughout the day, Sky Presenter Isabel Webster and TV Personality and Celebrity Patron of the Hospices, Micheal Aspel lent their support to the appeal and gave interviews to the Eagle, telling them why they supported the New Build Appeal.



You can listen to the interviews here:

Michael Aspel



Isabel Webster



The entertainment kicked off at 11am with the jingle of bells of the Thames Valley Morris Men. CEO of the Hospices, Nigel Harding took to the microphone to tell the gathered crowds all about the cause and how they could support it. At lunchtime the whole square was awash with purple as nearly 100 Zumba dancers, all dressed in purple, flooded the space and presented a flash-mob style dance.

Elegant performances of Indian dancing followed, adding a splash of vibrancy to the day, thanks to the Shakti Dancers, sponsored by Raj Chhetri of  Woking One World and choreographed by Nishi Bhatt Joshi. Finally Knaphill and St Johns Operatics Group gave a musical rendition to finish the afternoon’s entertainment. Face painting was available all day and happy customers were soon seen out and about with the Appeal logo, an attractive heart drawn onto their cheeks.

Stealing the show in between the acts was the hauntingly beautiful music of a professional saxophonist and New Build Appeal mascot Hope the Heart was out and about on her first ever appearance in public. As she greeted children and parents alike, her coloured jigsaw piece symbolised a different area of hospice care: On the Ward, in the Home, Family Support and Wellbeing. Hope’s name was chosen by supporter, Deirdre Mulvenna-Pegrum, a second year Nursing student, studying at Surrey University. Deirdre was unable to be at the event on Saturday, but told the Hospice team that she chose the name after her father had a brief experience of hospice care and she felt that the hospices offered people who utilise them hope.

There was a steady stream of visitors to the Ship Hotel in Weybridge, where staff and volunteers had set up an information point and hotel management had kindly laid on a spread of free tea, coffee and delicious cakes. Hope the Heart went for a walk up the high street and brought some warmth to dedicated bucket collectors who were out all day, despite the rain. Up and down the high street there were splashes of purple as shops dressed their windows in the Hospice colour and displayed banners, to mark the event. Thanks also go to Nat West for organising a bake sale in aid of the cause.


Members of the public who are interested in finding out more about the New Build Project, or who want to make a donation should visit the dedicated New Build web page.

To look at more photos of the event go to our Facebook page.

New Build Appeal Campaign Launch this week

This week we are gearing up for the big New Build Appeal campaign launch event on Saturday 20th February between 10am – 4pm in Woking and Weybridge Town Centres.  We are excited about the New Build Project, which will see more space and better facilities and equipment to provide our care to more people across Surrey. We will also be able to cater better for a far more complex range of illnesses such as Motor Neurone’s Disease, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, alongside patients with cancer. The new equipment we will have will allow for easier and more effective Day Care in the new Wellbeing Centres and for the first time ever, families will have purpose-built facilities to stay with their loved ones in the new 20-bedded ward in Woking. There will also be a café in which members of the public can sit and engage more closely with their local Hospice, amongst other new facilities.

It’s a vital service for the community but it comes at a cost and although 60% of the capital needed has been secured through private funding, we still need to find £3.4million. This is what we are asking members of the community to help us raise in the New Build Appeal.

What’s happening on Saturday?

In Weybridge, businesses up and down the high street are going purple and there will be free tea and coffee at the Ship Hotel between 10-4pm, and a staff member from the Hospices present, so people can ask questions and find out more.

In Woking Town Centre there will be an information point outside Pound Land in the Peacocks and another in Wolsey Walk by Starbucks. Bucket collecting will take place in Jubilee Square between 10 – 4pm and different dance groups will be performing in the same area throughout the day, starting with Morris Dancing. There will be a saxophonist playing at intervals and the public can expect be a secret performance at 1.15pm. Michael Aspel will be present to address the crowd and onlookers will also have the chance to meet our lovely new heart- shaped campaign mascot (inset), whose name will be announced on Saturday as the result of a competition we have been running with and the Surrey Advertiser.

To find out more about the New Build Project, go to the new dedicated campaign URL which is:


Michael Aspel visits New Build site

Michael and his partner, Irene Clark were given a tour around the site along with senior management of the Hospice’s Marketing & Fundraising team, to see the builders at work transforming the disused office block in Denton Way into a state-of-the-art 20-bedded facility, fit for 21st century care, ready to open its doors in 2017.

Lending his support to the Campaign, Michael said “it was a perfect day for being on a building site – damp and muddy.  I was impressed by the way builders and architects have got together to solve the day-to-day problems and adjustments that have come their way. But things are looking good.  I was fascinated by the foundations of the lift – so complicated, with all the latest techniques in use, which is very reassuring”.

Thanks to support from local funders, businesses, trusts and foundations, the charities have so far been able to raise the first 60% of the project costs with which to begin the build. However, there is a further £3.4million still to find and a New Build Appeal is being launched for the public at the end of February to ask for support to raise the final amount.

New Year, New Hospices

Entrance for webOur Hospice buildings are at the heart of the care which we provide across Surrey. A brand new Hospice is being built in Woking and Sam Beare Hospice will be redeveloped, and this year we are launching an Appeal to raise funds for the developments. Construction is well underway and in the autumn last year, Mayor of Woking, Councillor Derek McCrum and Councillor John Kingsbury, Leader of Woking Borough Council paid a visit to the site, to officially mark the commencement of building works.

In Woking, a former office block on Goldsworth Park is being transformed into a state-of-the-art 20-bedded Hospice and Wellbeing Centre for the provision of in-patient care, a wide range of therapies, treatments, counselling and day care activities. Once the build on Goldsworth Park is complete, the existing premises at Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge will be reconfigured to house a new Wellbeing Centre as well as facilities for the Therapies team and Community Nurses.

With more than 70% of the care offered being provided in patients’ own homes, the Hospice buildings are an invaluable base for the growing Community Nursing Teams to work from as they serve residents as far away as North Guildford, Egham and Virginia Water. The improved facilities will greatly help them with the incredible work they do for so many people across the whole of Surrey.

For over 20 years staff at our Hospices have been providing care and support at one of the most important times in the life of its patients and their families. Now we are all really excited about the potential of reaching and supporting more people with life-limiting illness and supporting their families too.

Thanks to support from local funders, businesses, trusts and foundations, we have been able to raise the first 60% of the project costs and begin to build our new Hospice in Woking. This leaves us with £3.4million still to find and that is the amount of money we are asking the community to help us raise. The Appeal is being launched on 19th and 20th February 2016 in Woking and Weybridge town centres, when the public will be able to learn more about our vision for developing hospice care throughout Surrey.

Mayor of Woking marks start of building works: November 2015

We were delighted to mark the start of building work at the new Hospice this week, as we hosted a visit by the Mayor of Woking, Councillor Derek McCrum and Councillor John Kingsbury, Leader of Woking Borough Council.

Joined by representatives from the building company Reside, and Councillors covering the Goldsworth Park area, the group were told about the building project in Goldsworth Park, Woking, which will see the conversion of the former office block into a state-of-the-art 20-bedded Hospice and Wellbeing Centre.

Welcoming the Council representatives, Hospice CEO, Nigel Harding said: “We are working to transform the delivery of Hospice care in Woking and North West Surrey and are transforming a redundant office block to help us to do so – the first project of its type in the UK. The support of Woking Borough Council has been invaluable and we were delighted to welcome Cllrs. McCrum and Kinsgbury to site to share our vision of the future of Hospice care.”

With a loan facility from Woking Borough Council allowing the Hospices to begin the project, a Public Appeal will be launched in early 2016 asking for support towards meeting the cost of the new Hospice and to ensure the continued provision of first class professional, compassionate palliative care for the people of North West Surrey for generations to come.

Cllr. McCrum said: “The Council considers the Hospices a vital part of our community and I am delighted to have had the opportunity today to see at first hand the work that is taking place. The Hospices provide an invaluable service to all local people at a time when they need it most – they fully deserve our continued support.”

Exclusive reception hosted by MP Philip Hammond: November 2015

Philip websizeThe Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond MP for Runnymede and Weybridge kindly hosted an exclusive reception for the Hospices at his official residence as Foreign Secretary, to introduce and update some of our supporters about our exciting plans for the new future for hospice care in the heart of Surrey.

Mr Hammond hosted the event at the prestigious property in Carlton Gardens, London and guests in attendance included members of the Hospices’ New Future Appeal Committee, local celebrity patron Michael Aspel, and celebrated figurehead Chris Ingram. Mr Hammond introduced the event before the audience were shown a film showing what hospice care had meant to individuals within the community and why it is essential it will be there for future generations. CEO Nigel Harding, Medical Director Dr Fiona Bailey and Chairman of the committee Patrick O’ Sullivan also spoke to the audience about the Hospices’ vision to transform the provision of palliative and end of life care in Surrey.

Fundraising Development Manager, Amy Sweeting said “We would like to thank MP Philip Hammond for welcoming us and our supporters in to his private residence for this event. We are really excited to be one step closer to our vision for the future of hospice care in Surrey becoming a reality. It was great to see so many local people who are as passionate about it as we are and we’re thrilled to have the support of our community behind us as we embark on this exciting journey.”

With a loan facility from Woking Borough Council confirmed, a Capital Appeal to Trusts and Foundations and businesses was launched earlier this year to start to share the vision and raise the funds needed to see the project through. As building works progress, the appeal will be broadened to the public to include all the communities in North West Surrey.

Builders and start date for new Hospice announced: August 2015

We are pleased to announce that construction of our new Hospice in Denton Way, Goldsworth Park, Woking is scheduled to start in mid-September with the main works commencing in October.

With the loan facility from Woking Borough Council agreed, planning permission granted and the extensive tender process completed, our Hospice Trustees signed the contract appointing the chosen building contractors at their August Board meeting.

The appointed contractors are Reside Construction from Romsey, Hampshire. Reside submitted the most competitive bid and at the same time impressed the Trustees with their approach to managing the project. Speaking of the appointment, Trustee Chairman, David Perry said:

“Clearly our responsibility as Trustees was to ensure we chose a contractor we felt we could work closely with and which gave us confidence that their project management would deliver a new Hospice of the highest possible standards to time and to budget. We are confident we have made the right choice.”

Experienced in healthcare sector schemes, Reside Project Director, Andy Sparks said:

“We are delighted to have been selected by the Hospices as the main contractor for such an innovative and sustainable construction project. We have been impressed by the commitment of the Hospice management team and their input into the plans prepared by Hunters Architects. We look forward to delivering a new Hospice which we know will be treasured by the community for many years to come.”

Reside Construction will ensure that building work is carried out with the minimum of disruption to neighbours and we will ensure all our supporters and stakeholders are provided with regular updates and progress reports. We anticipate welcoming in-patient referrals from early 2017 to the new facilities.

Second capital appeal launch to support our future plans: July 2015

SecondLaunchMCBenzWe have launched our second Capital Appeal and shared our plans for ‘a new future for Hospice care in the heart of Surrey’ with an invited audience at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands. The launch, was attended by distinguished guests including Hospice Patrons, Michael Aspel OBE, local business man Peter Jordan and patient Alan Clough and his wife, who featured in the presentation video shown. Hospice Trustee Rhod Lofting, who founded the Woking Hospice in 1996, was also in attendance.

The audience heard presentations from Hospice representatives, who explained the plans for converting an office block in Goldsworth Park, Woking into a state-of-the-art 20 bedded Hospice, as well as remodelling the Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge to create larger patient day care facilities and rooms for the expanding community nursing team. You can view the presentation video below.

Speaking about the plans, Rhod Lofting said: “These new Hospices will guarantee the best palliative care for local people for generations to come and will complete the vision I had 25 years ago.”

The first phase of the Capital Appeal is targeted at Trusts, Foundations, Charitable and philanthropic institutions, the business community and some private individuals. Later in the year the appeal will be broadened to include all communities in North West Surrey.

View the Case for Support brochure here

A new future for hospice care in the heart of Surrey: April 2015

Last week saw the launch of our Capital Appeal and sharing of plans for ‘A new future for hospice care in the heart of Surrey’ with an invited audience at the prestigious McLaren Technology Centre. The launch was sponsored by McLaren and was attended by distinguished guests including; the Rt Hon Philip Hammond, Conservative Party Candidate for Runnymede and Weybridge, prominent business figures and Hospice Trustee Rhod Lofting who founded the Woking Hospice in 1996. The Mayor and Mayoress of Guildford were also in attendance.

The audience heard presentations from Hospice representatives who explained the plans and investment needed to convert an office block in Goldsworth Park, Woking into a state-of-the-art 20 bedded Hospice as well remodeling the Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge to create larger patient day care facilities and rooms for the expanding community nursing team.

Medical Director, Dr Fiona Bailey explained, “these plans are not aspirational, they are essential for our community as we plan for the future.” She emphasised that the Hospices needed to modernise their facilities to continue to improve and deliver expert care and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families across the whole of North West Surrey. An emotional film, narrated by Michael Aspel OBE, showed exactly why hospice care means so much to individuals within the community and why it is essential it will be there for future generations.

Nigel Harding, Chief Executive added ” We are extremely grateful to Woking Borough Council for the support they continue to provide us. Their loan facility has enabled us to move ahead quickly with our plans but an additional income stream through the Capital Appeal is needed as we move into the delivery phase and start construction. It is important to remember that in addition to the construction costs we are still delivering our care to patients 24/7 across North West Surrey at a cost of over £8million each year.

Our plans for the new Hospice facilities offer exceptional value for money, but we need to be prudent and are totally reliant on voluntary contributions to meet our funding target of £10million to take this great leap forward in care that local people both need and deserve.”

In this first phase the Capital Appeal is targeted at Trusts, Foundations, Charitable and philanthropic institutions, the business community and some private individuals. Later in the year the appeal will be broadened to include all the communities in North West Surrey.

View the Case for Support brochure here

Securing long term sustainable care locally: March 2015

sbh2011_128ResizedNewsletterFeb2015We are very pleased to report that the North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has confirmed their plans to continue to commission our services after the expiry of our current contract. The new contract will extend to March 2018, providing us with the certainty we require to take our long term strategy forward.

In addition to the contract extension the CCG has also recognised our plans for the relocation of all Hospice beds to our new Hospice in Goldsworth Park and has given its support to our creation of a community hub at the Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge. We can now move from artists impressions of what the new unit will look like and will engage closely with all of our users as we agree the final design proposals.

The lease for the Sam Beare Hospice has been uncertain for some time and after receiving support from the CCG we can confirm that NHS Property Services have said they will grant us a new 10 year lease for the facility. This will be subject to the agreement of rental and service charge costs which are currently being discussed. We need certainty to enable us to implement our future plans, so although we have made significant steps forward, negotiations will continue to ensure we can constantly improve the care and support we are able to provide to all those diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses in our community.

New Hospices wins planning permission: February 2015

Entrance2CROPPEDWoking & Sam Beare Hospices have today welcomed the decision of Woking Borough Council’s Planning Committee to grant permission for the development of our new Hospice to be located in Denton Way, Goldsworth Park, Woking. The planning permission was granted yesterday, Tuesday 10 February.

In November 2013, the Hospices were grateful to receive a loan facility of up to £6 million from Woking Borough Council, which went some way to enabling us to develop a long term sustainable presence in the local community. Using the facility, we acquire the freehold of a former office building in Denton Way and with Hunters Architects we were able to prepare imaginative plans to convert it into a state-of-the-art Hospice which, following public consultation, have now been approved.

Keen to progress, we have shortlisted contractors for the refurbishment project and sought tenders. We expect to announce our chosen contractor shortly.

The new Hospice in Woking will be a modern, centre of excellence in palliative care and will include a 20 bed in-patient facility and a Day Care unit designed to cater for daily outpatient visits. The Day Care unit will provide wide-ranging services including medical assessments and treatments, complimentary therapies, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and wellness activities. Also based at the new facility will be a Hospice community team of Clinical Nurse Specialists and the teams managing education, bereavement counselling and spiritual care.

Bedroom smallThe Hospice will be modern, warm and welcoming with a public café and information centre, which will be open to the public to help engage with the community and dispel some of the commonly held perceptions of Hospices.

Our Chief Executive, Nigel Harding said: “We submitted exciting and innovative proposals for the new Hospice and we are delighted they have been supported by the Planning Committee. We believe the Hospice environment is key to feeling well and I’m confident we will create an amazing environment which will benefit all our users. Hospices are not just for the last days of life but are also for carers and for those on a curative pathway after their treatments. This will be a state-of-the-art facility for the residents of Woking and the communities in North West Surrey and one I know they will be incredibly proud of.”

Tim Ashton, Director at Hunters Architects commented: “We think it may be a first in the country to convert an office into a Hospice. We are really proud to be part of the team leading this blueprint for future hospice design. Now with planning consent, we can help deliver an effective Hospice with Woking and Sam Beare Hospices with a greener, sustainable solution.”

Cllr John Kingsbury, Leader of Woking Borough Council, said: “The Council have been impressed by the thought and consideration that the Hospices have put into the design of this new Hospice. The Hospices are a vital part of our community and their importance will only increase as we address the growing end of life care needs of the future.”

Public Meetings October 2014

New Hospice Plans

New Hospice Plans

M8986_New entrance_003

Hospice Hub at Sam Beare

A Public Meetings were held in Weybridge and Woking to review 2013/2014 and to discuss future plans for Hospice care in the area. The new Hospice plans were on display and also Architects impressions of how Sam Beare will look when in-patient care moves to Woking in 2016. Sam Beare will be reconfigured to accommodate a larger day care area, therapy rooms, physio room, counselling facilities and a base for the community teams who visit patients in their homes across Runnymede, Spelthorne and West Elmbridge.

View the plans for Sam Beare here

Public Consultation on plans 9th August 2014

Plans for the new hospice are well underway with the project development team working closely with the architects and senior clinicians to ensure that the design reflects current and future needs for patients and clinicians. As part of the design research, the team visited a number of new and established Hospices and worked closely with the team across both sites, to develop the proposals for the new building. The new hospice will accommodate a welcoming café, hospice day service, 20 in-patient beds, education suite, hospice community outreach teams and space for our administration team and  fundraisers.

A Public Consultation meeting regarding the plans took place on the 9th August at St Andrew’s Church and they were well received. We collected feedback and comment forms from attendees which will be collated and used as part of the planning application.

View the virtual tour of New Hospice here 9th August 2014

View the full plans here 9th August 2014

Architects plans for the redevelopment of Sam Beare Hospice are also underway. In Spring 2016 all services at the existing Woking Hospice site and the in-patient beds at Sam Beare will be relocated to the new Hospice.  Sam Beare Hospice will be redesigned, offering an enhanced day care centre, therapy rooms and a base for our community nurses who visit patients in their homes. The plans will be ready to present at the public meeting in October.

March 2014

Architects appointed read the full press release

February 2014

Following our announcement in November 2013 regarding the future plans for Woking & Sam Beare Hospices, a public meeting was held on Tuesday 25 February in Weybridge. The meeting was well attended and was led by Nigel Harding, CEO and Rachel Hill, Director of Clinical Services. The presentation was received in an atmosphere of constructive conversation forming part of an on-going dialogue with our key audiences. To view the presentations, see below.

Public meeting presentation 25th February 2014, held in Weybridge

Public Meetings December 2013

As part of our Communication strategy, the Hospices will provide regular progress updates through the design and refurbishment phases of the project through to the opening of the facility which is anticipated during the second half of 2016. For the immediate future it will be business as usual as in addition to planning for the future, we will continue to provide our patients and their families with the expert care on which our reputation is founded.

Public meeting Presentation 4th and 5th December 2013, held in Woking and Weybridge

November 2013

Woking & Sam Beare Hospices are working at full capacity serving over 1,000 patients annually both in the community and from the Hospice buildings and as people live longer they require the more complex End of Life Care that Hospice care offers, so in the future we will see an increase demand on our services.

Against this background the Hospices, led by our Chief Executive Nigel Harding and with the full support of the Trustees, conducted an extensive strategic review of future service provision needs. At the core of the review was the uncompromising determination to deliver excellence in everything the Hospices do including; delivery through in-patient units, day units, at care and residential homes and within patients own homes.

The review produced many recommendations which now form a challenging Strategic Plan for the Hospices. The plan includes two recommendations fundamental to the future sustainability of the Hospices in the community:

The loan from Woking Borough Council has enabled the Hospices to act quickly on these recommendations which will help to transform End of Life Care in North West Surrey. The financing will help to create a new Hospice and centre of excellence with a 20 bed in-patient facility to be located in Denton Way, Goldsworth Park, Woking.

Underpinning this work, the Hospices will work even more closely with all its valued donor partners – large and small who together make such a massive contribution to sustaining the on-going work of the Hospices in the community.

To read the full press release click here.