Planning your event

10 top tips to make your event a success

1. Ask. Ask your friends, family and work colleagues to help you.

2. Don’t forget to call us! Tell us about your event. We love to know what people in our area are doing and we may be able to help you. You can contact Toby Harding, fundraising administrator by calling 01483 881752 or send an email.

3. Keep it simple.

4. Be organised. Have a clear plan from the very beginning and be sure to check that the date of your event doesn’t clash with other major events, like the World Cup Final, Grand National or school holidays!

5. Draw up a budget. Try to plan how much putting the event on will cost and then look at ways to cut costs as much as possible – the more you spend, the less money comes to our Hospices

6. Legal requirements Make sure you find out whether you require any special licenses or permissions. This particularly applies if you are planning to organise a raffle or street collection.

7. Be safe. As the event organiser you must be careful to ensure the safety of your guests. Not only are you required to comply with Health and Safety legislation but you may also need to consider First Aid and Fire Safety requirements. Your local council will be able to provide you with full details, or contact the fundraising team on 01483 881752 for more advice.

8. Insurance. You may need public liability insurance for your event. Check with your venue and service providers on the night (for example bands, catering, marquee hire) as they may well already be covered.

9. Publicise your event. Don’t forget to promote the event in your local area. You could put up posters, hand out flyers and even get your local papers, parish magazines and radio stations involved.

10. Thank everyone involved. After the event, don’t forget to thank everyone involved.

We have compiled a full list of Fundraising Guidelines, which can be downloaded here.