YBS Grant will help patient comfort

YBS grant will help patient comfortThe Yorkshire Building Society in Woking has helped us secure £1,950 towards a new specialist in-patient bed. Branch manager Paul Judkins and Customer Representative Lewis Houghton visited Woking Hospice to learn more about how the donation from the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation will benefit our patients.

The money will help fund a HI-LO bed that will allow patients who are less mobile to get in and out more comfortably. Having just one of these beds is very important to us, because they allow our medical team to administer medication with greater comfort for both them and the patient. But just as importantly they also allow patient to have eye to eye contact with loved ones during their visits.

The beds cost £2,250 each, which has to be raised in addition to our annual running cost of £7.7 million. So we’re delighted that the Yorkshire Building Society team is so supportive of our cause, and that they already have more fundraising activities planned for Christmas and beyond.

In the photo from left to right: YBS Branch Manager Paul Judkins, physiotherapist Claire Riddell, Staff Nurse Heather Bullen and YBS Customer Representative Lewis Houghton.