Libra is sweet music to Hospices…

Libra brought sweet music to the HospiceWoking based Libra Estate Agents have donated a new sound system to both our Woking and Sam Beare Day Unit. Owner, Franco Orlando, and Residential Sales Manager, Dawn Brown, met with our staff to learn more about how the donation will help benefit the patients, and how they can support us in the future.

Franco was delighted to personally handed over the sound systems and said “it’s very important for us to help our community where possible, and the Hospices do such wonderful work that we hope to continue supporting them on a regular basis.” He was thanked by both staff and patients, who are excited about this wonderful gift. Day Unit Leader Kathryn Cutler explained how we use music on a regular basis to help our patients relax or lift their spirits, and added “the old sound system wasn’t very reliable anymore, so we can’t wait to start using this one.”

During their visit to Woking Hospice the Estate Agents saw first hand how our patients are benefiting from services such as complementary therapies, arts and crafts sessions, and one to ones with our nursing team.

Our Corporate Fundraiser Anita Avery had provided them with a wish list of things that we would like, but haven’t got a budget for, so we are grateful that the Libra team got in touch and has been so supportive of our cause.