Free-falling Fundraising

LexisNexis, a legal based business solutions company that provides tools and information to assist legal professionals, have taken to the skies to fundraise for our Hospices by completing a skydive. Five staff, alongside the Hospices Challenge Events Fundraiser Melissa, braved the idea to jump out of a plan from 15,000 feet in order to raise funds.

“It started over a chat and a cup of tea, then one thing led to another!” explained Samantha Sharpe, Content Engineer at LexisNexis. “I’m not sure Melissa thought she’d be contracted to jump as a result of our meeting, but it was agreed that if we could find four people to skydive then she would join us, a challenge gladly accepted on our part,” added Samantha, who also took the plunge.

The company encourages its employees to support charities, both by fundraising and volunteering, and to generally get involved in their communities, and the Woking office has gladly been supporting our Hospices for a while now. According to Samantha much cake has been sold in our name, so it was a good time to do something a little different.

“Many people in Surrey will have known someone helped by the Hospices. Their work provides vital support to people during distressing times. I know it is greatly appreciated and with the new hospice project on the go as well, we wanted to help raise extra funds and awareness for them,” explained Samantha.

Though there were nerves, the team really looked forward to the day. The team described the jump itself as ‘amazing’, ‘very surreal’ and ‘with spectacular views of the Salisbury Plain’, where the skydive took place. Everyone returned to base buzzing, and all would do it again. “We’d definitely recommend it if you fancied giving it a go!” said Samantha.

Her colleague Joseph O’Neill added; “People say this is something they have to at least do once in their lifetime.  I have done it once, and will be going back for a second, third and fourth. It was the best experience, with such a mixed range of emotions in a small amount of time. The plane ride was nerve racking, free-falling was thrilling, the parachute opened and the views were fantastic. A great experience which I will never forget.”

If you would like to skydive for us, please contact our Challenge Events Fundraiser Melissa on 01483 881752 or send an email here.

To find out more about LexisNexis please visit their website.

In the photo from left to right: Joeseph O’Neill, Stuart Lovell, Atul Ashtaputre, Sudharsan Balachandran, Samantha Sharpe and Melissa Stock