Colleagues take on Ride London-Surrey 100

DCIM100GOPROGOPR2222.A group of work colleagues from the Woking based print and communications company Optichrome will be going the extra mile for our Hospices, as they take on the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100. The four guys, who all love cycling and stopping for cake along the way, are looking forward to the challenge and opportunity to ride for our cause which is close to their hearts.

John Heywood, Managing Director of Optichrome, is heading up the four man team which includes Chris Hall, Richard Downham and Robin Browne. He explained, “Each of us has a personal connection and good reason to be eternally grateful for their existence, and if it hasn’t yet touched our lives personally it may well do in the future. We have learned a lot about what the Hospices actually do and all the ways in which they help. Most of all we love the way they allow people to retain their dignity and as much independence as possible whilst receiving the most excellent care. We really like the fact that we can actually see and even visit the Hospices, so it’s very real and tangible.”

Woking residents John and Chris took up cycling when their knees gave way, whilst Richard, who lives near Milford, and Robin, who lives in Croydon, always have enjoyed cycling. The group regularly do 50 – 70 miles rides, but realise that 100+ miles will be more challenging. “We’re counting on the excitement and adrenalin of being part of the Hospices’ team on the day and the overall event to get us over the finishing line. I have no doubt whatsoever that we will all complete the full 100 miles and although this will be our first RideLondon-Surrey 100, it will hopefully not be our last!” said John.

You can support the group’s efforts at

The team are part of Optichrome’s year long campaign to raise funds for our charity after we provided care for the owner, Ted Stephens, during his illness, as well as ongoing support to his family since. All our cyclists will be cheered on by ‘Hospice Cheerers’ located throughout the local area including Weybridge and near Ripley.