In-patient care

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We have in-patient units at both Hospices and we try to make the environment  welcoming and relaxed.  The wards offer 24 hour round the clock care.

Each unit has single rooms and at Woking en-suite facilities.  The rooms at both Hospices have windows or doors opening onto the gardens. We also have the facility for family members, friends and carers to stay overnight.

Over 50 per cent of our patients are discharged after a short stay.  Admission to our in-patient unit may be suggested by any of the healthcare professionals involved in patient care, for example GPs, Woking & Sam Beare community nurses or hospital consultants. Patients are admitted for a variety of reasons:

  • Assessment – a period of close observation to clarify palliative care needs and plan necessary care.
  • Symptom Control – to improve symptoms.  This may involve a specific, pre-planned intervention, e.g. blood transfusion.
  • Respite – a planned admission for an agreed period of time to provide a break for both patients and carers.  This may be required when a patient has a high level of ongoing palliative care need and is being cared for at home with support from the Woking & Sam Beare Hospices community nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  • End of life care