In-patient care

In Patient CareWe try to make the environment in our in-patient unit as welcoming and relaxed as possible, and our wards offer 24 hour round the clock care.

We have 20 en-suite rooms, which all have their own balcony, as well as facilities for family members, friends and carers.

Relatives and friends can visit at any time. There are also opportunities for family members to stay with their loved one in their room should they wish to, as there are sofa beds for this purpose within each patient room.

We can help patients access other areas of the hospice for a change of scene and utilise the garden and the Day Care facilities if appropriate. Complementary therapies are also available in the patient rooms or in the ground floor therapy rooms.

Meals are prepared on site and patients can choose from a menu each day for the different mealtimes. Although there are set mealtimes, the hospice offers flexibility with meal choices and can offer snacks and soothing foods such as ice creams and ice lollies as required, and are flexible should the patient want to eat a home cooked meal or a takeaway or snacks from the local supermarket.

Admission to our in-patient unit may be suggested by any of the healthcare professionals involved in patient care, for example GPs, Woking & Sam Beare Hospices’ Community Nurse Specialists or hospital consultants.

Patients are admitted for a variety of reasons: