Volunteers Work Wonders

Volunteers Work Wonders

As part of national Volunteers Week we will be thanking our dedicated teams of volunteers for all their hard work and support, and some of our shops have already started. In our Kingfield Shop Shop Manager Linda Cheeseman and Assistant Manager Annie Clark treated the volunteers to cake. “It’s like being part of a big family, even though you may not know everyone because they work on a different day than you,” said 78-year-old Margaret Francis from Byfleet. She has been volunteering for almost 10 years, and also helps with event administration for Hospice events such as the upcoming women’s only Midnight Walk. “You get so much more than you get, and because it’s a local cause you can really relate to it,” added Margaret.

People volunteer for different reasons, and the shop team agrees it is a rewarding experience.  “The Hospice does such important work, and I can’t imagine a more worthy cause,” said Mrs Mabel McDowall, who joined the team 3 years ago. “It makes you feel great to help others, and it’s just so much fun here,” added the 62-year-old. She is known by her fellow workers for her excellent carrot muffins, and cake is as much part of the shop team spirit as banter. “We have such a laugh together, and customers often comment on our great atmosphere, which makes all the difference,” explained Shop Manager Linda. She hopes more people will join the team, as a result of Volunteers’ Week.

If you would like to give some of your time to help us, please call our Volunteer Services Manager Mary Morgan on 01483 178850, or send an email.

You can also visit your nearest Hospice shop. Find you nearest one here.

Read more about volunteering with us here.