Stories from the Heart Series – Sally

WSBH Hospice Heart Element - PurpleA testimonial about working On the Ward from a Ward Nurse at Sam Beare Hospice.


At Woking & Sam Beare Hospices, patients are offered a stay on the ward when it is seen to be beneficial to them. This may not simply be at the end of their lives. Admission onto the ward for a short period of time can benefit a patient and the people who care for them, in many different ways and can even be enjoyable; being likened to a hotel experience. Referrals for admission may be from any of the healthcare professionals involved in patient care and for a variety of reasons including assessment, symptom control respite and end of life care.

Sally is a Ward Nurse at Sam Beare and has been working at the Hospice for nearly 10 years. She explains what she loves about her job:

“I’ve been nursing for 35 years now and I’m still as passionate about nursing as I was all those years ago. I love being able to give time to patients and quality care at a very vulnerable time, when they might be coming to the end of their lives or just need that extra care.

I imagined that a hospice would be a miserable environment to work in and it isn’t, we’re a fun, jolly environment and it’s less hurried than it might be on a hospital ward. Here we get to know the patients and the families and are with them in their time of need. When we move the in-patient care to the new hospice in Woking, I am looking forward to continuing to provide the high standards of care that we are already providing in an improved environment.

What’s going to be exciting is that it is going to be in a brand new ward which will have bigger rooms with en-suite facilities and balconies to take patients out in their beds.”

I love my hospice because we make a real difference and I would tell anyone who might need hospice care not to be afraid, it’s not a scary environment but positive, inspiring and full of hope.”

Thanks to Sally for sharing her story with us. Featured in the photo are Sally and Larry, a Sam Beare Hospice patient.

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