Stories from the Heart Series – Clare

WSBH Hospice Heart Element - PurpleA testimonial about the spiritual care whilst On the Ward and attending the Hospices

Alongside medical care, therapies and counselling, spiritual care also plays a large part of the multi-disciplinary services we offer.

Clare Wordsworth volunteers her time at Sam Beare Hospice and explains in more detail what her role entails:

“When somebody comes into the hospice their needs are assessed physically, emotionally and spiritually. My job is not about imposing anything on to the patients, it’s about understanding their individual spiritual requirements.

We are made up of different elements; our physical is part of that but emotional and spiritual elements are also important and at this stage of life those things might come more into focus. Patients might start asking questions about their situation and what brings them meaning or a sense of value in their lives and it’s important to have those conversations with them. If somebody has a religious tradition then we meet them in that sacramentally and provide what they need while they are with us.

With the new hospices being built, it’s a very exciting time for us. We will be providing more space for people to reflect, and we will continue to be alongside them to support them in that. Our care will often be very personal care but the atmosphere of a place can help somebody to contemplate.

We allow ourselves to care very deeply for every individual who comes in and the hospice is a place where this is accepted, which is really special. If you come into the hospice to be cared for then you will see that we are highly professional in our work but we add something extra, which is love.”

Thanks to Clare for her story. Featured in the photo are Tony and his carer Christian.

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