Stories from the Heart – Julie

WSBH Hospice Heart Element - PurpleA Testimonial about being On the Ward in the New Build

The New Build Project would certainly not be anywhere near as successful without a strong team leading the work and ensuring that everything goes to plan to move and deliver the services at the new hospice alongside the building programme.

Julie has the important and fascinating role of coordinating the transition of services as Transitional Project Manager. She talks more about what her day to day duties entail:

“I am a nurse by background but started to realise my project management skills when moving into a research role in a hospital many years ago. Since then I have led a number of varied health related projects and more recently I was leading on End of Life care projects for the Clinical Commissioning Group. This opportunity came up at the Hospices last year and in June 2015 I started work on the New Build Project.  In my job I communicate regularly with the Project Manager for the build to ensure that we are getting the quality product we want. For example, we want to ensure our bedrooms have a homely feel but include essential clinical equipment.  In the bedrooms we are having a new integrated hoist system and the contractors need clear understanding on the location of bedroom furniture and how the space will be used by patients, their families and our clinical staff to ensure the hoists are installed in the correct position. I work with the clinical team so they inform the decisions and with the interior designer to achieve the best aesthetics.

This building must be approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) before it is allowed to receive patients, so I am also making sure that we adhere to the required standards whilst still meeting our specific needs. We continue to review the design and we are already planning how we will work differently in the new hospice which raises questions and opportunities for improvement. For example we have recently made some design changes to add a ground floor sluice room (similar to a utility room) and we will also create a dementia friendly environment and make sure our colour schemes, room layouts and fittings can achieve this; like having clocks displaying the date as well as the time.

I love working with all of the clinical teams who are so passionate about what they do. Helping ensure everything goes smoothly is such a positive challenge; it’s the first time I’ve stepped out of an NHS environment into a charity and I want to ensure what I do adds value to the organisation. This is the best job I’ve ever done and when it’s finished, the New Build will be really special with superb facilities and a hub of expertise under one roof. I would encourage the public to find out more about it, as these services are for our community. I hope people will feel comfortable using the café even if they don’t need the service and do support us to develop this important service.”

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