Spring Raffle Winner Announced

A sizable sum of £3400 has been won by a Hersham resident after he took part in our Spring Raffle.

Mr Perry, who also plays the hospice lottery was very happy to receive his prize and said:

“I’ve never won a large amount of money and I’m very pleased, it’s a lovely thing to happen. It’s very opportune at my stage in life as it will probably go towards paying for my carers who visit a couple of times a week.”

The Spring Raffle was ‘Love Your Hospice’ themed and the £3400 grand prize was representative of the £3.4million that the public are being asked to help raise, in order to complete the build.

Hospice raffles are held three times a year, supporters have the opportunity to win cash prizes by taking part.  Our next raffle is our Summer Raffle with a fantastic top prize of £2500.

To take part please contact the Lottery & Raffles team on 01483 881752.

The Raffles web page is here, where you can always find updates and results.