Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better

Patients attending the Sam Beare Hospice day care unit have been treated to some pampering and tips on how to look good.

Cancer support charity Look Good Feel Better, led a two hour Masterclass by trained volunteer beauty professionals, and the beneficiaries were taken through a specially designed 10-step skincare and make-up regime. The aim was to help improve the wellbeing and confidence of people undergoing treatment for any sort of cancer or disease, helping to improve their self-image and appearance whilst meeting other people in a similar situation.

The special themed days at the Hospice are a way of encouraging people to try Hospice care and see what it’s all about. Lucia Villalobes was visiting for the first time, she said “I’m quite an independent person and attending the Hospice had not really been on my radar, but I received information about the spa day and thought it was something different. I’m not really used to wearing make-up, but it was good to have a go and you can certainly see the difference.”

Another visitor Madeline Norfolk from Egham attends the day unit regularly, she has Parkinsons Disease and although unable to talk, her carer explained that she loved attending and watching what was going on. She enjoyed the session and even managed a smile when she saw her reflection.

Dee Parsons-Bass from Lightwater had just enjoyed a massage adding “I’m a massive fan of Hospices, and fully understand how beneficial they can be to support and enable you to live as full a life as possible. I’m only 49 and some people think it’s strange that I come into the Hospice, but the support I have received not only medically, but through counselling has enabled me to make this journey and explain things to my 12 year old son.”

Further days are planned at Sam Beare day care over the over the next few weeks including; more Relaxation Sessions, Managing Fatigue and Breathlessness, and Memory Folder workshops.

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