Heartfelt family feedback

We always appreciate it when patients and their family and friends tell us about their experiences of our care. Every now and again we hear such wonderful stories that we simply have to share them, and this week we received this comment as part of an Inpatient Evaluation Questionnaire from a very grateful family. To ensure patient privacy all names have been removed:

‘We could not imagine a better ending to our relatives life. The community nurse was amazing – she was re-assuring, honest, open and supportive. She quietly gauged our relative’s approach to life and the best way of interacting with him to help him to understand and make his own informed decisions about his care. She has a re-assuring presence for us to the point we missed her greatly when she was off, as she only worked part time. No problem or concern was too small or too big for her to guide us on – simple things such as changing the bed without hurting him – she showed us how to do that and at the other extreme she pushed for a Hospice bed for him – quickly identifying the urgency and his wish.

The Occupational Therapist was also wonderful – Her down to earth and compassionate approach gave us instant confidence and reassurance as well as quick practical intervention. She quickly built a relationship with him which helped him to accept her help – this was also very much the case with the community nurse. Both members of staff made this time at home before his move to the Hospice so much easier for both him and us his carers.

Once in the Hospice we were amazed by the kindness, compassion, openness and supportiveness of every single person we came in contact with. From the kind volunteer who made us coffee and explained the day room facilities to us; to the receptionist, housekeeping staff (the lady changing the water and emptying bins had the same lovely approach), nursing staff, healthcare assistants to the doctor, who sat and discussed his care with the whole family openly, clearly, kindly and supportively. Our relative and all members of his close family felt, cared about and treated with dignity, respect and amazing compassion throughout this tough time. Our involvement was brief but will remain always close to our hearts and appreciated so so much! Thank You All.

The Clinical Administration Manager also very much fitted the wonderful Hospice staff mould. She was absolutely lovely when my daughter and I came to pick up the ‘Confirmation of Cause of Death’ letter after his passing. Everybody and everything to do with the Hospice has been wonderful. They do such a valuable and needed thing for the individuals and their families. Every family deserves access to this wonderful end of life care. Everything about the Hospice is thoughtful and we will be displaying car stickers, arranging collections and activities to support their amazing work. The dignity and compassion they provide should be a right for everybody and should not have to rely on charity for funding, but we will be doing everything we can to support them to provide their amazing support to as many local people as possible. ‘Thank You’ is a very small phrase for what we feel but its the only one we have.’

We are very grateful for the heartfelt feedback, which we have passed on to all staff.

If you would like to share your story please call our Communications Team on 01483 881750 or send an email.

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