Fun Fashion & Fundraising

Fun Fashion & Fundraising

In connection with National Volunteers Week, we have been celebrating and featuring some of our amazing shop volunteer teams to highlight all their hard work and support, as well as give you an insight into the world of gifting time.

This week our Director of Income Generation David Jenkins and Volunteers Services Manager Mary Morgan visited some of our charity shops, including the one in Horsell, to personally show their appreciation and gratitude.

Mrs France Sevene began working in the Horsell shop when she moved to the village 2 years ago. “My son walked in and asked them to find me a job, because he thought it would be a good way to meet people, and I’ve been here ever since,” explained France. She loves it so much that she now works there 4 days a week, and 1 day in our book shop up the road. “The atmosphere here is just terrific, you don’t feel that you’re working, and it’s great to know that you’re helping people who really need it.”

The longest serving volunteers have been in the Horsell shop for over 15 years, whilst the newest member, Tasmin Samad, only joined a few days ago. The 16-year-old has just finished her GCSE’s, and is now looking forward to working at the shop during the summer. “People are so welcoming, and because I’m really into textiles I love using my skills here.” She thinks volunteering is something everyone can do; “Just use your time wisely, it’s only a couple of hours a week, and most can find time for that to help their community,” said Tasmin.

Since January the shop has been under the management of Chiara Cadei. “We’re here to raise those all important funds for the Hospices, and yes there’s a lot to do, but we also have such great fun together, ” said Chiara. The shop is always in need of more people to join their team, so if you would like to give the gift of time please visit the shop in 111A High Street, Horsell. Alternatively you can call our Volunteer Services Manager Mary Morgan on 01483 178850, or send her an email.

You can also visit your nearest Hospice shop to find out more. Locate your nearest one here.