A mammouth fundraising drive begins…

A mammouth fundraising drive begins...

Three boys from Woking have set off on a 30,000 miles drive to Mongolia and back in their 1 litre Nissan Micra to raise money for our Hospice.

Alex Jackson, Mike Stone and Jack Wilkinson, all 21, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime on the 20th July. After only 2 days on the road, they have now reached Prague.

The trio meet at Woking High School, where they first heard about the Mongolia Rally. Last year, after securing their place in with a £500 deposit, they named themselves the Disco Pirates and started planning the journey. They agreed on a £1,000 budget for the car, and purchased their Nissan Micra, a 1 litre car as it’s required to take part.

The school friends are now sharing the driving, which so far has taken them through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and parts of the Czech Republic. Soon they will face a rougher drive through the north of Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia. But they are trying not to plan too much, as that’s part of the fun. “We have to get to Mongolia in our car, and it’s not really a race, but I think they are giving out prizes along the way,” explained Alex.

The group is looking forward to experiencing all the different cultures and meeting people along the way, as well as fundraising for our Hospice and Cool Earth, a charity which works to stop rainforest destruction. “The Hospice is close to us all, and it is a good cause to raise money for,” said Alex.

You can support the Disco Pirates via their fundraising page here, and visit their Facebook page for updates.