Student Information – Sam Beare

Student Information
Helen Bryant and her team extend a warm welcome to your new learning environment within the palliative care setting of Sam Beare Hospice.

Palliative Care provides a unique opportunity to develop your skills to become a patient advocate. It will give you the knowledge to apply the concept of holistic nursing and provide:

•    individual
•    physical
•    psychological
•    spiritual, and
•    emotional support

to both patients and their families.

We will ensure you feel safe and supported during your placement here by allocating you a mentor and co-mentor prior to your arrival. Our mentors are:

Helen Bryant Ward Manager
Sue Budding Senior Staff Nurse
Sara Webster Senior Staff Nurse
Hannah Brown Staff Nurse
Janet Childerhouse Staff Nurse
Sally Kidd Staff Nurse
Jude Richardson Staff Nurs

 They are all experienced members of the team with either, or both, the:
•    ENB 998 Teaching and Assessing qualification, or
•    Mentorship Preparation Course.

They will work closely with you throughout your placement and provide you with the opportunity of one-to-one supervision and tutorials.

Induction Pack
You will receive:
•    an Induction Pack
•    a copy of the Palliative Adult Network Guidelines Third Edition 2011.


Learning Opportunities
The placement will provide varied learning opportunities including:
•    principles of palliative care
•    pain and symptom management
•    use of opoids and syringe drivers
•    communication skills within the palliative care setting
•    implementing The Liverpool Care Pathway
•    multidisciplinary team work and its importance within the hospice
•    assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and documentation of patient care
•    chaplaincy support
•    complementary therapies.

Clinical Experience
You will have the opportunity to gain experience by working alongside the following day care, therapist, CNS and doctor colleagues:

Astrid Hadley Occupational Therapist
Sue Strudwick Assistant Occupational Therapist
Becky Stone Physiotherapist
Pam Walmsley Team Leader Palliative CNS
Lesley Grimmer CNS
Lorraine Deacon CNS
Debbie Worwood CNS
Sheelagh Musokoe CNS
Liz Bennett Day Care Leader
Louise Gray Day Care Staff Nurse
Dr Bernadette Lee Consultant
Dr Sarah Bailey Speciality Doctor


Learning Resources
The following learning resources will be available:
•    books and specialist palliative care journals
•    clinical resource folders
•    doctors and nursing staff who will be happy to assist you.

Suggested learning sites can be found at:

Practice Development Team
We have a Practice Development Team consisting of:
Nicki Harding, Helen Pybus, and Clare Lawrance who run the Woking and Sam Beare Hospices Education Programme in Palliative care.

Duty Times
You will be supernumerary to staff numbers. Shift times are as follows:
Early – 07:30 to 15:30
Late – 13:15 to 21:15
Night – 20:45 to 07:45
Long Day – 07:30 to 21:15

At the start of the placement your mentor will meet with you to arrange your duties. We will try and accommodate any requests.
Please phone and let your mentor, or the nurse in charge, know as soon as possible if you are unable for any reason to come in for a planned duty. You will also need to inform us when you can return. Any time off will need to be made up at the end of your placement in accordance with University guidelines.

Location: Click here for a map of how to find us

Facilities and general information
•    You can order light meals from the Hospital kitchen during day duty.
•    We advise you bring your own food for evenings and night duty.
•    There is a staff room with fridge and microwave.
•    There are cafés and shops close by in the High Street.
•    Weybridge railway station is approximately a 20 minute walk.
•    Bus stops are located outside the hospital
•    Staff parking is available but limited – a temporary staff parking permit can be arranged.

We will ask you to complete our feedback form to help us evaluate how we have met your needs. In the meantime we hope you enjoy your time with us.