Learning from complaints and concerns

We have a clear commitment to listening to patient and public views and acting on them to further improve the standards of care and safety for patients. We don’t always get things right. What is important is that when this occurs, we take rapid action to improve things. Importantly, we share our learning with our staff, our patients and their families.

We promote a culture of openness, honesty and transparency (Duty of Candor). When things go wrong, we have a duty to inform our patients what has happened. We are committed to talking to patients/carers at every stage in the process of dealing with concerns and complaints.

When we receive a concern it is dealt with immediately by the team. Information and explanation is offered and the concern rectified. In addition all concerns are recorded on our incident management system.

When we receive a complaint it will be read by the team concerned, who will send you a letter within three working days to confirm that we have received the complaint and are investigating what happened.

The level of investigation varies depending on the type of complaint. Usually a team of people will be brought together to look into what happened, work out why it happened and what action can be taken to stop it happening again. You will receive a letter explaining the results of the investigation within 21 working days. The letter will include an apology if we have failed in any way. If the investigation is likely to take longer, we will write to let you know that our response will be delayed.

All concerns and complaints are reviewed regularly at our governance committees.