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Our current blog follows the progress of our directors getting ready to run the Surrey Half Marathon for us on 9th March 2014. First there was three, but now there’s only one…


19 February 2014, Rosie Gibbons, Head of Community Fundraising CHEERERS NEEDED!

Here at the Hospices the excitement is growing ahead of the Surrey Half Marathon. We have a large team of runners taking part, and would love to line the route to support them on the day. We will therefore be manning three stations on route, which will be dressed in banners and flags, but we also need people to wear our t-shirts and cheer whenever one of our runners come past, and that’s where you can help!

We are looking for volunteers to join our cheering squads to give our runners that much needed motivational boost en route, as well as show off team WSBH’s colours on the day. It is set to be a fun day out for all the friends and family, so if you would like to come along and support us, please contact our Fundraising Team on 01483 8817852 for more information.

I can’t wait to be part of this fantastic event and look forward to seeing you there too…

6 February 2014, Nigel Harding, Chief Executive

Well my body has let me down!! There I was building up very nicely from my initial 30 min walks and runs to a nice mix of 5k road runs and some gym work. All was going well for the Surrey Half marathon, or so I thought…

A couple of weeks ago, I started to get a few twinges in both my right hip and knee. I took a couple of ibuprofen and it eased off, so I ran the next day but the twinges came back. I thought I’d rest for a few days, and then started back again with the intention of doing my normal 5k, when after about 3k the pain in my hip took over and the last 2k walk became a slow limping walk. I had it looked at and was given the advice to stop running!

It appears that age has caught up with my joints, that coupled with a few extra kilos on my waist has done me for this year! I am so disappointed, not just for me but for the Hospices, as I really hoped to raise quite a lot of money. I have been advised to concentrate on some flexibility exercised for a while so I have now joined a HOT YOGA class that is proving to be of help. I will persevere with this, and although I am reluctantly pulling out this year, I am resolved to try again.

Good luck to you all on 9th March, and perhaps you’ll see me doing the Surrey Half next year.

7 January 2013, Rachel Hill, Director of Clinical Services

Here we are at the start of another New Year, and it’s now only 9 weeks on Sunday until the race. I have tentatively started to make my come back! However the furthest I have managed so far is 4 miles (and quite slow ones) so a long way to go. Hopefully this will encourage those of you who are still undecided to call up and register-IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!!

I sense some possible new additions from the hospice staff themselves possibly emerging. The likelihood is that these ‘newbies’ to running will end up smashing my time, but hey it’s about the taking part and my New Year’s resolution is try and drop the competitiveness a little……yeah right!

I am hoping the weather sorts itself out a little a bit over the next few weeks. Whilst I would not describe myself as a ‘fair weather’ runner I have been forced onto the treadmill more than I would like in the last week or so due to impassable roads and a desire not to injure myself again just yet! So if you do see me out there, feel free to shout (polite) words of encouragement but please DON’T SPLASH!!

Happy New Year!

24 December 2013, Nigel Harding, Chief Executive

I can’t believe how fast the last few months have gone, but Christmas will soon be here and my training for the Surrey Half is still non-existing. I must admit that I simply haven’t had the time, but I’m not worried… I’m sure that some intense running training will do me good first thing in the New Year! Can’t we all do with that after Christmas?

Drawing on experience from previous runs, and yes I’ve done a few, I can build up my fitness within a couple of months. I know that Rachel, our Director of Clinical services, also is behind in her training schedule, so I’m not alone…

How will I do? Well, I’m in it for the experience, and for me it’s all about being part of this exciting new event, and not at all about being the first to cross the finishing line, although that would be nice too.

The race will go straight through the communities that we support, and I will take pride in being part of this inaugural event, which I’m sure will grow immensely in the years to come, and help drum up support for our services. I wouldn’t want to miss it, and I hope neither will you.

We still have places available so please get in touch with our Fundraising team if you’re interested in taking part. You can sign up and read more here.

11 November 2013, Rachel Hill, Director of Clinical Services

It’s hard to believe that we are fast approaching Christmas and the 9th of March is rapidly approaching.

There is sadly little to comment on my training, as I’m making very little progress. But on the positive side I’m back running on the treadmill although only up to 18-20 minutes at a time. By March I need to be running for at least 2 hours at a time!

There’ll be a slight delay again now in training, as I go off to have some surgery which will put me out of action possibly until after Christmas, but although my ‘sub 2 hour plan’ is disappearing I remain resolute I will push on and still take part – albeit perhaps slower than I would like.

There’s still plenty of time to sign up and start training, so I would like to encourage any first time runners to join in. You never know, I may even be able to persuade our Medical Director to run. She’s currently running far more than me, and I am sure if a large sponsor came in at the right amount she may even consider joining the team…….(Sorry Dr Bailey!)

I look forward to blogging with hopefully some more progressive news in the New Year!

24 October 2013, Phil Wormley, Director of Income Generation

The dark nights are coming, so I’ve done my best to get out at the weekends even in the wind and rain to make the most of being able to run in daylight.

I am up to doing five miles now and it’s going really well. I’ve even included some nice challenging hills around Windlesham (yes there are some hills there!). The very muddy runs across Surrey Heath, which on one occasion saw me encounter some rather angry dogs, has also helped me get some unexpected speed training in as well!

After this weekend I’ll be pulling out the reflective jackets for the darker nights, and maybe even the beanie hat for warmth, as the temperature always seems to drop after Bonfire night.

I hope everyone else’s training is going well, and would encourage you to sign up now and join us as part of the Hospice100. The more running you do now the more you can indulge over Christmas!!!

23 September, Rachel Hill (a very non competitive Director of Clinical Services)

“I have been an ‘on off’ runner for a number of years. The ‘offs’ always due to injury! I had just got back to regularly running 8-10 miles and was looking forwards to the Great South run at the end of October, when Phil mentioned the new Surrey Half Marathon. It’s great to have a race on the door step and raise money for the Hospices running through the community which we serve, hopefully being cheered on by a team of supporters… my children love handing out jelly babies to the runners!

However the weekend before the first photo shoot to promote the event I was out running with Woking Cruisers and managed to sustain a calf muscle injury, so training to date has been well… non existent! I’m currently in the gym on the bike, or in the pool trying to maintain fitness and build up strength in my calf again. I’m working hard with Penny at ‘Hillview physiotherapy’ to get running fit again, but remain a little frustrated. However I keep reminding myself this battle is nothing compared to that which our patients often face in the course of their illness, and I just need to dig deep and get on with it.

I may not be able to give Phil and Nigel a run for their money yet, but there are still 6 months to go, so watch this space!”

You can read more about the event and register to become one of our Hospice100 here.

11 September 2013, Phil Wormley, director of Income Generation

“It’s incredibly exciting that for the first time ever there’s going to be a Surrey Half marathon taking place in March 2014, that will take in both Guildford and Woking. As a keen runner myself, and in my current role as the Director of Fundraising, it was hard not to commit to taking part, and putting my name down to run this event and raise funds for Woking & Sam Beare Hospices.

The event team behind this half marathon, All About Triathlons led by Toby Jenkins, are excellent at staging running events of this nature, and I’m confident that it will be a fantastic day for runners of all abilities, and be a great way of celebrating all local causes. I went along to the mark the official launch at the Guildford Spectrum, where I meet representatives from the other partner charities.

I am pleased to say my training has started, and I’ve started to hit the streets of West End where I live, negotiating some new routes out on the country lanes to Windlesham to ensure I get some hill work in. Toby has promised me the half marathon will be a slightly undulating course… Meaning he’s going to make sure there are some hills for us to make our way up!

Unfortunately the light nights are fading as we head in to the autumn, so some early morning runs pre-work might become more common place for me over the months ahead. What’s great about running is being out in the open, and around Woking we’re blessed with some great countryside and routes to train on, whether it’s along the Basingstoke canal or through Surrey Heath or Chobham common.

The 13.1 mile route will be a great challenge and a fantastic way for many people to get out in their running shoes and show their support for our Hospices. As a charity we have 100 places in the run to offer to our supporters, who are able to commit to a minimum sponsorship income of £400. In return we’ll provide our Hospice100 runners with a range of benefits which you can learn more about on our website.”